Senior Kindergarten

Paper Bird’s Senior Kindergarten experience draws on and enhances the skills learned in Junior Kindergarten while encouraging the development of slightly more complex thought processes and problem-solving skills.

Through age-appropriate teaching methods and learning activities, your child can cultivate early academic-oriented habits and learning skills, learning to work both on his or her own as well as a part of a team.

Our curriculum emphasizes the development of new vocabulary skills through exposure to classic children’s literature and art, as well as the development of phonics so that your child not only learns basic reading and writing skills but is also to place his or learning within a cultural context.

Your child also has plenty of opportunities to improve his or her handwriting, letter formation, and illustrative skills as he or she practices writing and creating art, improving fine motor abilities. In Senior Kindergarten, your child will also learn to share his or her ideas publicly with peers and develop presentation skills.

Paper Bird’s mathematics program ensures that your child understands place values of numbers and also grasps basic concepts and problem-solving strategies. It is said that musical abilities are highly correlated with mathematical ability, and we seek to stimulate development in those areas of the brain by including nursery rhymes and children’s songs as part of the learning experience.

At Paper Bird, we provide a positive overall school experience so that your child’s social and emotional growth is facilitated, and he or she learns to have a positive self-concept and worldview, setting the stage for overall stability and high self-esteem later in life.


May 2021
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