Play Group

Since the play group is a child’s first foray into the outside world, we at Paper Bird, have created a warm, welcoming environment of fun and learning that feels just like home.

We seek to stimulate your child’s curiosity about the world and encourage the development of early problem-solving skills with our child-safe toys that are both fun and educational.

Our facilities are fitted with child-safe flooring that promotes safe exploration in a constantly monitored environment, so that not only does your child feel safe, but also you are kept abreast of his or her developmental milestones.

Our curriculum ensures that your child is given a basic grasp of early mathematical concepts, and is given a strong foundation for future complex processing. Your child will also learn early language skills, from fluent educators, who provide your child a basic sense of the structure and function of the English language, while his or her vocabulary exponentially grows. Through our extensive book library, your child will develop an early interest in reading and writing.

The play group at Paper Bird accounts for the development of creativity through fun, interactive activities that foster interaction and develop social skills, providing your child a sense of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Program duration for playGroup is 3 hours

We at Paper Bird keep our batch sizes small to maintain a teacher to student ratio of 1:10 in PlayGroup


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