Inclusion Program

This is an Inclusion based school program for children ages 3-10 years. We provide an individualized, comprehensive and intensive educational program for each of our students under the guidance of Montessori Methodology.

We believe in the philosophy of INTEGRATION, which is the practice of creating a porous environment where the special-needs and the mainstream children live, learn, and play together. As a result of our active integration policies, all children requiring differential education and learning support, learn within a natural, inclusive, and holistic environment.

In addition, We will be providing clinical intervention services for 1-2 hour sessions to children who are enrolled in other special education programs or attending mainstream schools but require support in language and academics.

Speech and Language Therapy

We , Speech and Language Therapist at the center focus on assessment and intervention for individuals with impairments in Language, Articulation, Voice, Fluency, Resonance (quality of speech), Prosody ( tone and rhythm of speech) and literacy skills.

We also offer Occupational Therapy on request basics.