Junior Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten is a child’s first introduction to what a regular classroom feels like, and we at Paper Bird aim to ease your child into this transitional period seamlessly with an emphasis of the development of school-ready skills through the medium of fun interactive activities that appeal to his or her developmental level.

We channel your child’s curiosity about the world and desire to explore into a love for learning, by directing that energy toward productive academic and creative pursuits. Your child will learn to sustain his or her attention for extended periods of time and keep impulsive actions under control.

At Paper Bird, your child will learn to form letters of the alphabet as well get acquainted with their phonics. He or she will also be able to recognize and write numbers and learn to count. Our activities and games also help your child develop a basic grasp of basic concepts in mathematics.

In addition to these basic school-readiness skills, your child will acquire the ability to follow instructions that have multiple steps and find multiple ways to tackle a problem through our interactive activities. There is also a heavy emphasis on the continued development of fine and gross motor skills through physical activity.


Overall brain development is stimulated through our multifaceted approach, that weaves artistic expression, peer-to-peer interaction, and positive child-teacher experiences into the daily classroom activities.

Program duration for Junior is 3.5 hours each day.

Two pair of uniform is provided to each child as a part of admission Kit. The juniors would wear uniform from Monday to Thursday and On Friday child can wear casual dress.

2.8 years to 3.8 years


May 2021
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