Our core values

CC85745B-CD6F-416F-92C3-D07FC9B4EBF6 Holistic Learning
We are dedicated to providing a fun learning experience that encompasses the cognitive, social, emotional and motor skills required for your child to be a well-adjusted, successful individual.
1563950760531 Nutritious Meals
We ensure that your child has a healthy, balanced diet through our customized meals prepared in hygienic conditions with fresh ingredients at our very own supervised kitchen facilities.
box3 Safety and Security
Paper Bird’s child-safe flooring and facilities protect your child from the rigors of play, and as he or she explores and learns, our CCTV cameras ensure that your child’s safety is constantly monitored.
box4 Child Safe Zone
The facilities at Paper Bird are designed to visually stimulate and capture the interest of your child, stimulating the imagination and making your child feel at home in a comfortable environment.

Paper Bird’s Programs

Experience high-quality child care in a secure, friendly environment.
Allow children to make their choices, thus preparing them to become independent learners.
Regular Montessori Program with inclusion for special children
Safely explore the world through our play areas and fun facilities.
Achieve school-readiness by building a strong base through diverse activities.
Acquire skills in preparation for formal education through interactive learning.
Grasp the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic though activity-based programs.
Enroll in a variety of extracurricular activities designed to enhance creative abilities.

Paperbird's Classes

Learning Benefits

At Paper Bird’s Day Care and Pre-school, we dedicate ourselves to the cause of maximizing learning opportunities for your child through a variety of age-appropriate activities. Your child can make the most of the following learning benefits:

Individual attention from highly-qualified staff
Collaborative activities that inculcate a team spirit
Well-stocked book and multimedia library
A soft gym that encourages safe exploration of motor skills

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Our happy parents


We encourage the children to follow their own needs during the day, being active and resting as they feel the need.

Young, preschool age children, in general, learn social interaction skills from adults — not from other young children.

We fully understand that “toilet learning” is a process and welcome the opportunity to partner with you as your child goes through the steps of toilet learning.